First Time Home Buyer Tips in Gerrardstown, WV; Buying a House in an Up & Coming Neighborhood & More

Buying a house for the first time can be an exciting and intimidating adventure. The process can be a lot easier if you had an idea of what you are doing. No one wants to be taken advantage of either. Knowing the basics can save you from being duped. Four Points Construction would like to offer some tips and advice for the first time home buyer.

House Hunting

– Before you begin your quest, know your preferred neighborhood and style of home.
– Prepare a wish list, in order of importance. Understand that no home will be a perfect match unless your building your home from scratch, you will have to sacrifice some desires.
– Before making a snap decision on the exterior of a house, be sure to thoroughly inspect the interior.
– A wise investment is gain a home is in the “up-and-coming” areas.
– Consider the value of a home that is polished up and made up in your style.
– Know the reality of buying a home as opposed to a fantasy.
– Think about the future of the neighborhood. You can check with the city to see what is planned for the surrounding area such as development of neighboring parcels. It can be a great investment to buy a home in an up and coming neighborhood!
– When buying a new construction home in a development, decide what options and upgrades you want.

Benefits of a New Construction Home

Newly built homes offer enhanced safety and energy efficiency as well as layouts and amenities more compatible to modern lifestyles. They also often offer the ability to customize spaces that you don’t get buying an existing home. Most home buyers love the idea of buying a home that no-one has lived in previously.

Understanding Mortgages & Home Loans

– It is considerably a clever move to get your financing options pre-approved. Not only can it help you know what mortgage payments you are looking at, it can expedite the process and put you in a better place to make fast offers.
– The general rule of thumb is being able to afford a mortgage 2-3 times your annual income.
– Understand that though your credit is immaculate, mortgage lenders also look into current debts. If you have accumulated debt, a house might be out of reach.
– When buying a home, know there are closing costs that go along with it. Saving money for a down payment and closing costs is a better option.
– If there are any red flags, or you are uncomfortable with the house, or financing, walk away.

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