Tips to Avoid Poor Interior Design & Decorating Choices in New Home Construction in Inwood, WV

When it comes to designing your home during the construction phase, there are many elements that help get you the home of your dreams. Unfortunately, there are several mistakes that people make when they are constructing their own home and the poor design choices can cause inconvenience and issues down the line. Today, we at Four Points Construction would like to share some tips to help you avoid poor design choices for designing and decorating your new home.

Interior Design Team

You will be working closely with your contractor to draft a blueprint in the initial stages of a new home construction. With the expertise of the contractor, they will guide you in choosing a floor plan in an attractive community and development. The new homeowner, however, will be highly involved in the process of interior design. Keep in mind that the contractor will assist in providing resources and direction, but they are not completely familiar with your style. Having a pro design team can be optimal. Having people close to you than know your style can better help you select cabinets, flooring options, and countertops and other design elements. Having a support team that knows your style can help you better make the decisions that reflect your home’s style.

Decorating Style Ideas from Websites, Magazines & Trade Show Booths at Home Expos

There is not usually any shortage of workshops, conferences, expos, and other sources to help educate and inspire people building new homes. They often provide a wealth of options in the design process though these large events can sometimes be a financial trap. Be ready to take pictures of everything you like. Talk to people and gain advice and insights. You can use these ideas and formulate a plan to incorporate them into your new home. Magazines and websites are also inspirational for helping you find style ideas.

Virtual Room Visualizing; Paint Swatches, Samples & Prototypes

Test, test, test is another excellent way to avoid tacky or unpleasing features. Before you commit to a bad shade of seafoam green, use the paint swatches of your favorite colors on the walls. Place samples of different carpet you ordered in different lighting. Visualize pictures of blown up cabinets in your kitchen. By prototyping, many designing mistakes can be averted. Ask your contractor or interior designer for ideas if you are unsure of how to prototype a certain design element you are considering.

Don’t Rush Home Design & Upgrade Decisions

Designing something you love is the whole point of new home construction. Make educated decisions, and hold off on decisions you’re unsure about. It is okay to slow down the process. Do not feel rushed, even if you need another week to choose between pendant or chandelier lighting. The process can be mentally exhausting and strenuous. But slowing it down can make it be more enjoyable and well worth the time spent.

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As a respected, reliable and trustworthy custom home builder company, Four Points Construction is intimately familiar with the design process. We have the expertise and patience to help you make well thought out design decisions. Call us today if you are considering new home construction.

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