House Plan Designer; Choosing the Most Functional, Efficient Layout Floor Plans in Martinsburg, WV

Building your own home is not only exciting, but it can be overwhelming. There are many decisions that will impact the future of living in the home. Below are a few tips we at Four Points Construction would like to share to help you select the right floor plan.

Bigger Floor Plan Isn’t Always Better

Many people have a certain square footage in mind, but many modern floor plans have been strategically planned to make better use of the space. Though the square footage might be slightly less than you initially wanted, do not dismiss it right away because it might better suit your overall needs.

Floor Plans with Good Flow

Imagine yourself walking through the home as you consider different floor plans. Consider the convenience, does the flow feel right going from the kitchen to the dining room? Consider the privacy and space in the bedrooms for the occupants, particularly as they grow, like young kids to teens for example.

One, Two or Split Level Story House Plans

How many levels do you want, a single story, or a two-story, perhaps a single floor plan that includes a basement or finished attic? If stairs are not a desire, you can eliminate the multiple stories from the options.

Open Floor Plan

The wide, open space benefits. More floor plans tend to feature the open feature. Allowing for more socializing, the lack of walls between the kitchen, living room, and dining area are a tending layout. Consider the connection of the rooms as you look at the open floor plan in the home designs. With the kitchen as the pivotal point, the floor may be an L-shape or be one big space long, square, or rectangular space. You can create separate spaces, like a reading area or study space with an open floor plan. So, you can choose a floor plan that fits your family’s lifestyle, envision how you will use the main living area.

Highly Functional Floor Plans

Small details often spark a big change, like features such as a mudroom and the design and placement of the laundry room that may not seem as important feature in the big picture. If you plan it right, the mudroom, for example, is a threshold that protects your home from the great outdoors and help keep the clutter under control. A smart option is the cabbies, cabinets and other storage options. The shoes, backpacks, school stuff, leashes, and everything else that often gets lost when it’s allowed to trickle into the main living area can all have a system that offers more organization in the home. Some people prefer the laundry room close to the master bedroom where others prefer off to the kitchen or at/in the garage. Options like a utility sink, a pet grooming station, or even a countertop or island to help make folding and chores in the laundry room simpler need to be considered as well.
Explore bonuses. Rooms that might seem like a “bonus” right now may have alternative uses as you browse the floor plans. For example, the formal dining room or living room could seem luxurious, but it may prove more useful as a playroom, hobby studio, game room, library, homeschool room, or other function or even repurposed as a guest room or home office as well.

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